Performance Management: Evaluation, Documentation and Discipline

Los Altos

September 15, 2011

Bay Area ERC
This hands-on workshop is designed to give managers and supervisors a broad overview of the techniques, skills and tools they need to effectively manage employee work performance. Learn to maximize performance management techniques with topics that include enhancing your effectiveness as a supervisor, setting and monitoring employee performance goals, using performance management techniques to build communication and trust, understanding the dynamics of one-on-one communications, using constructive feedback as a powerful management tool, how documentation can make or break an employer’s defense of discipline, using a supervisor’s file appropriately and effectively, using ongoing documentation and performance evaluations to nip problems in the bud, creating useful and defensible documentation and written performance evaluations, eliminating unpleasant “surprises” from year-end reviews and effective implementation of discipline if necessary. This workshop is highly practical and uses case studies, group exercises and interactive discussion.
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