Super Manager or Super Spy: The Use of Technology in Monitoring Employee Conduct

Los Altos

September 15, 2011

Bay Area ERC
Technology makes it possible for employers to monitor employee conduct and gather an abundance of information about employees and job applicants. However, employers must balance their legitimate business practices against employee and applicant privacy rights. This workshop will explore the wide range of issues arising from the interplay between technology and privacy in the workplace. It will guide managers through the patchwork of federal and state laws and court decisions that govern these issues. In this workshop, you will be given guidelines concerning internet searches concerning applicants and employees, monitoring and controlling employee electronic communications, video surveillance, global positioning systems (GPS), biometric technology, employee protected speech in social media and discipline arising from conduct that takes place in cyberspace. A comprehensive workbook accompanies the workshop including practical, supportive materials that can be used on the job to protect both management's rights and employee privacy rights.
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